Orecchiette with tomato sauce and strong ricotta

The tomato sauce that is prepared by hand for the winter season is, in Puglia, a real institution. Here, even today, tomatoes are grown several times starting from June, and subsequently, from the end of July onwards, the rite of the sauce begins. Whole families wake up at dawn to give life to the production of the sauce and everyone, from the largest to the smallest, is assigned a specific role. In the end, the steaming bottles are put away in anticipation of the cold season, where they will give life to many succulent dishes, just like these orecchiette with strong ricotta. Buying an Apulian product, such as sauce and orecchiette, now gives us the opportunity to recreate exactly that type of atmosphere and flavors. The sauce, the ricotta forte, the same orecchiette, which previously used to be made by hand, can now be purchased from Puglia. To create a lunch that, just like in Puglia, always tastes like a party.


30 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Prepare the sauce by frying a little finely chopped white onion, the rustic tomato sauce and a few leaves of fresh basil. Season with salt. Separately cook the orecchiette al dente. Meanwhile, take the sauce and add two or three tablespoons of ricotta forte, mixing very well so that it melts. Season the pasta with the prepared sauce and serve hot. Serve with a good glass of Red Primitivo PGI wine.

Once you have opened the jar of strong ricotta, keep it in the fridge. You can use it again for the same recipe, or spread it on bread and complete the crouton with a well rinsed salted anchovy.
Ricotta forte in some areas of Puglia is called ricotta "scanta", "ascuante" or "schianta", terms that refer to its intense and sour flavor.

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