Orecchiette pasta with artichoke and sun-dried tomato sauce

Orecchiette is a very versatile pasta shape, well-suited to tomato or traditional meat sauces, but also to fish and vegetable sauces. Today we offer a highly tempting, spring-like combination: artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. Colour and flavour combine for a really delicious dish, made even more special with the addition of a grating of Puglian cacioricotta cheese!


  • orecchiette 300 grams
  • artichokes 5 units
  • tomatoes Two handfuls of sun-dried tomatoes
  • garlic 1 clove
  • parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • cheese A grating of cacioricotta cheese
  • white wine
30 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Gently fry the garlic and parsley in a pan. Meanwhile, peel and prepare the artichokes and put them in water with some lemon juice. Then add the artichokes to the frying pan and braise for ten minutes or so, adding a splash of white wine and adjusting the salt to taste. When the artichokes are nice and tender add the sliced sun-dried tomatoes. Cook for another 5 minutes then remove from the heat. Cook the orechhiette pasta in salted boiling water and then drain. Mix the pasta with the prepared sauce and finish with a generous grating of Puglian cacioricotta cheese.

If you buy 'loose' sun-dried tomatoes, you should first rinse them in water and vinegar. However, if you buy the ready-to-eat type preserved in oil, you can add them directly to your dish!
Orecchiette pasta are so-called because they resemble little ears - the meaning of 'orechiette' in Italian. In Puglia they are made in various forms: larger, smaller, smoother or rougher!

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