There are many recipes of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition which, without the use of rosemary, could not best express their particularity: this perennial shrub, in fact, manages to give every dish all the exclusivity of its inimitable aroma. Although initially it could be found particularly within coastal areas, in the present, the latter also grows spontaneously in northern areas of the hinterland. Rosemary is also often used for the preparation of special marinades for meat, particularly among lovers of grilling during the summer season.

Use in cooking

Rosemary is generally used to season meat-based second courses, or focaccias, salads and side dishes.


Rosemary is generally left to dry in the open air and, once dry, is placed in a glass jar to keep it intact.


In the past, rosemary was burned to make the air pure: this happened, in particular, in environments where the sick were stationed.

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