One of the meat specialties most appreciated by adults and children alike is sausage, which is generally made from a mixture of different types of pork, inserted into a casing, with different shapes and sizes and finally, enriching it or not with spices of various kinds, such as pepper, chilli or fennel. The invention of the sausage, historically, would be attributed to the inhabitants of Lucania, with the name of lucanica - hence the famous luganiga or luganega - and the main purpose of the latter was the preservation of the meat in good condition.

Use in cooking

The sausage, which is eaten raw by some, can actually be prepared in many different ways, grilled, baked, pan-fried and stewed, combined with bread or side dishes of all kinds, as well as in sauces for first courses .


Conservation can take place inside the freezer, where it can be kept for a few months.


The first testimonies relating to the sausage date back to the time of the Roman historian Varro, who referred to it with the term "lucanic" sausage.

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