Paccheri pasta with sausage meat and artichoke sauce

There is a time of the year, in the late winter, when the days begin to lengthen, the first buds appear on the branches of trees and plants and, above all, the temperature is slightly milder. I have to say I love this time, when life is about to break out again all around us, and I get ready to try and live in harmony with the environment. And in my opinion, the best way to welcome spring is to make a lovely plate of paccheri pasta with sausage and artichoke sauce. What do you think? Could a delicious combination like this bring a little joy to your dining table? Let yourself be seduced by the enticing aroma and authentic taste of a pasta dish that will win over the whole family. Eating with gusto is the first secret of anyone who knows how to live a life full of joy and pleasure. Are you ready to serve up a very special recipe?


20 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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Prepare an artichoke sauce (see recipe). Meanwhile, remove the casing skin from the sausages and sauté the sausage meat over a low heat in a pan along with the rosemary. With a ladle or wooden spoon, crumble the sausage meat while you are cooking to make it easy to combine with the pasta. When your paccheri pasta are ready, let them cook in the frying pan along with the sausage meat over high heat for half a minute. Serve in the centre of a plate by adding the artichoke sauce over the paccheri and adding a sprinkling of grated smoked ricotta cheese. A dish to eat piping hot!

Remember that there are many varieties of commercially available artichoke (about a hundred worldwide): choose the one that is most to your taste!
The artichoke was already well known in ancient Egypt: it then spread to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, finally gaining a place of honour in the culinary traditions of many countries.

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