Strawberries are the undisputed queens within the category of red fruits and, thanks to their delicately flavored pulp, they stand out both as a fruit to be eaten fresh, as well as for preparing desserts of all kinds, starting from the inevitable cakes, through for puddings or the inevitable summer ice creams, which are so refreshing and tasty. Strawberries differ in their high content of vitamins of different groups, A, B and C, as well as fructose and sucrose which are also perfect for those who have problems with glucose synthesis. In addition to having a good response from a nutritional point of view, strawberries are also sought after as a natural remedy against any burns caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

Use in cooking

Among the red fruits, strawberries can be enjoyed fresh on their own, although they can also find space in the preparation of jams and other similar specialties and, finally, in combinations with an unmistakable sweet and sour note, strawberries are also perfect for preparing first courses based on rice.


In addition to being able to be stored in the fruit and vegetable drawer of the fridge, strawberries - properly cut and dried - can be frozen.


In addition to being particularly good, strawberries are real allies against gout and arthritis.

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