A trio of semifreddi: strawberry, pineapple, kiwi

These semifreddi are healthy and fresh, perfect for the end of spring or the beginning of summer. They tickle the palate, conveying the freshness of a smoothie and treating you to an indulgent dessert.


  • gelatine 12 grams
  • strawberries 160 grams
  • kiwi 160 grams
  • pineapple 160 grams
  • milk 250 millilitres
  • whipping cream 250 millilitres
  • icing sugar 100 grams
  • sugar 150 grams caster sugar
  • lemon juice of half a lemon (for strawberries)
  • lemon lemon zest (for milk)
  • lime half a lime juice (for kiwi and pineapple)
  • lime half a lime zest (for kiwi and pineapple)
  • strawberries 50 gr of strawberries (for jam)
  • sugar 50 gr of sugar (for jam)
  • pineapple 50 gr of pineapple (for jam)
  • sugar 50 gr of sugar (for jam)
  • gelatine 6 gr of gelatine
  • kiwi 50 gr kiwi (for jam)

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90 minutes Total time
Serves 3 persons
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Soak gelatine in cold water. Rinse and dice the different fruits. Divide the sugar into 3 parts (50 gr each), add it to the fruit and the lemon juice. Squeeze lemon juice on strawberries, lime juice on kiwi and pineapple. Add some lime zest on kiwi and pineapple too. With a blender, blitz well the three semifreddo. Aside, heat milk and add the gelatine. Add one third of this mixture to the three fruit mixtures, and one third of cream too. Pour your semifreddi into separate bowls, then put them in the fridge before serving.

Choose some fruits of the forest for a summer version of this trio of semifreddi
Semifreddo dessert was already known by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and ancient Romans.

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