Strawberry Risotto

Here is a very unusual main course, which you should certainly try at least once in your life. It is risotto with strawberries, fresh, fragrant and colourful: a risotto that smells of spring and puts you in a good mood ... and it’s a very good idea for a romantic dinner. What do you think? Today we will learn how to make it together, what ingredients to buy and the exact method for cooking it. After all, we are in the middle of strawberry season and maybe you have some growing in your back garden at home. Isn’t it nice to use them straight from the garden to bring some merriment to your dinner table? With its delicate bouquet and fruity taste, a good risotto should never be underestimated. It's also a fact that risotto is open to many interpretations, and you could use just about any ingredient you care to try to get your preferred colour or flavour. So arm yourself with some good will and follow our recipe step-by-step - we guarantee an excellent result!


25 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Wash and clean the strawberries, removing them from their stalks, then cut them into slices. Fry the rice in a heavy casserole dish for half a minute with a little oil. Cover the rice with ‘Fragolino’ wine and evaporate. Then add salt and water and cook as for a normal risotto until done. When cooked, add the strawberries to the risotto and turn off the heat. Stir in butter and Parmesan cheese. Serve the risotto with a mint leaf and a fresh strawberry sliced and fanned out.

Strawberries are highly perishable, and you must therefore avoid leaving them in the sun or at room temperature for very long because they spoil quickly. Better to keep them in the fridge for 2-3 days, not handle them too much and not move them from their original container. It is also recommended that you don’t to wash them so as to maintain their nutritional properties.
Strawberry is a small fruit with therapeutic properties which are not always very well known. It is refreshing and cleansing, recommended for those who suffer from gout and arthritis.

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