Strawberry dream

With the arrival of good weather, our thoughts increasingly turn to spending time enjoying pleasant evenings relaxing outdoors with friends, perhaps drinking cocktails prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. So, we have prepared something really wonderful for those sultry evenings, made with strawberries, a fruit that however it is used always gives great joy. Ready yourself, then, for ‘strawberry dream’, a perfect cocktail for warm weather. You can also prepare it without alcohol because the taste of strawberries, vanilla, mint and lime are enough to give plenty of personality to this cocktail - perfect for any occasion. Are you ready to turn your garden or terrace into a drinks club for your closest friends, to share music and quality cocktails?


15 minutes Total time
Serves 3 persons
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Chop the strawberries and place them in a jug. Cut the lime, set aside two slices to put in the jug, and squeeze the juice from the remainder into the jug. Add the seeds from the inside of the vanilla pod, a sprig of mint and sugar. Add the crushed ice, rum and tequila and blend with an immersion blender. You should end up with a kind of icy slush. Serve with mint sprigs and more ice.

You can prepare your ‘strawberry dream’ by adding extra ingredients such as pineapple juice or even vanilla ice cream.
To prepare this delicious cocktail we use rum, a liquor that is made from sugar cane.

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