Almond biscuits

Cantucci, also called cantuccini or cookies of Prato, are dry cookies classic of Prato (Tuscany). They are thin and long, and they are usually served with a sweet wine, to be dipped in.


60 minutes Total time
44 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Beat well eggs and sugar, then add flour and baking powder. Mince coarsely the almonds, then give the mixture the shape of a loaf. Bake it for 30 min at 110°CC. Once baked, cut them into slices. Bake again for 7 minutes at 90 degrees. Serve when cold.

The length of cantucci can be different, even if usually they are shorter than 10 cm. Arrange them into a can, so that they will be preserved longer.
Cantucci comes from Latin "cantellus" which means piece or slice of bread. The famous Italian Accademia della Crusca, an ancient institution engaged into the study and preservation of the Italian language, defined these cookies as "sliced cookies made with flour, sugar and egg white".

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