Steamed chocolate muffins

Have you ever thought about steaming a cake or a muffin rather than baking it? We didn’t think it was possible until the day we tried it! We took a few simple ingredients - the classic flour, eggs, baking powder, cocoa, butter and milk - and blended them well. We poured the dough into muffin tins, and then put them in the steamer! With the steamer you don’t even need to programme a temperature, it turns itself off after cooking and doesn’t heat up the house (particularly important in summer) as an oven might. So how about trying to make some of these fabulous steamed chocolate muffins yourself? And if you like them (we anticipate that they will be very fluffy and light), you could continue the adventure, varying the recipe and making lemon, coconut, carrot or whatever type of steamed muffin your imagination suggests. So, to work!


40 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 6 persons
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Break the eggs and beat them with the sugar. Add the flour, cocoa, butter, milk and baking powder. Mix everything together well: if necessary add another drop of milk. Pour the mixture spoonful by spoonful into muffin tins (silicone ones work well), place them into a steamer basket, then cook for 20 minutes. You will get soft and tasty muffins, perfect with a glass of milk.

When using the steamer be careful not to burn yourself. Don’t open the lid during operation, as the steam may cause scalding! Take care to use the steamer on a perfectly stable work surface and, furthermore, keep it on a level sufficiently high and inaccessible to children.
Steaming is particularly widespread in Asia, less so here in Europe. And it is from the East that we have learned the art of flavouring the cooking water when cooking meat or vegetables in a steamer.

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