cherry tomatoes

Among the ingredients of the Mediterranean summer, the famous and highly appreciated cherry tomatoes certainly cannot be missing, which represent a true concentrate of health, well-being and lightness. Cherry tomatoes contain a high quantity of vitamin C and also many antioxidants, perfect for eating with gusto, staying fit, without even giving up taking care of your health. There are many types of cherry tomatoes on the market, although the most common ones are Sicilian ones and, in particular, those originating from Pachino.

Use in cooking

Cherry tomatoes can be eaten raw as an aperitif, in salads, as well as, they can be used to prepare first courses and also fish-based second courses.


Fresh cherry tomatoes can be preserved in glass containers with a little basil: the containers must first be sterilized in boiling water and, finally, boiled again for about a quarter of an hour.


Cherry tomatoes are perfect for those who need to optimally stimulate diuresis.

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