Tagliolini pasta with a mussel and summer truffle sauce

What could be better than a dish of spaghetti with mussels? A dish of tagliolini with mussels and truffles! Today we wanted to try out this combination with you, and we have to say it's wonderful. The flavour of the sea works very well with that from the land. We added tomatoes for a touch of freshness and the crispiness of raw courgettes. As for the pasta we wanted to make it at home, but nothing should stop you from using shop-bought pasta.


30 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Wash the mussels and then heat them until they are all open. Make a pasta dough with water and flour in 1:2 ratio. Set aside. Gently heat the garlic and parsley in olive oil on a low heat. Chop the tomatoes into small chunks and add to the pan, then cook them briefly without letting them become mushy. Add the opened mussels (some with their shells). Roll out the dough and cut out the tagliolini pasta by hand. Cook the pasta and then combine with the prepared sauce. Add the raw courgette slices which will give some fresh crunchiness and color. Finish with a teaspoon of ground summer truffle. Serve.

Set aside a few mussel shells: you can add them as an attractive finishing touch to the dish!
The pasta that we're making is based solely on flour and water: eggs would make the dish too heavy

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