Artichokes are among the most well-known and appreciated Roman specialties, partly because the latter are characterized by an incredible lightness from a caloric point of view and, on the other hand, because their flavor is truly unmistakable and helps to create salads. , very tasty and delicious first and second courses. In nature, it should however be underlined, there are different varieties of artichoke, among which the most famous are undoubtedly the thorny ones from Albenga, Sicily and Chioggia, as well as those without thorns such as the Romanesco, the Paestum and the violet of Catania.

Use in cooking

There are many preparations based on artichokes: they can be eaten raw, in salads, or fried in batter, or even simply boiled.


Artichokes can be stored for about a month in the refrigerator or, alternatively, they can be frozen, put in oil, pickle or in special brines.


The artichoke is a particularly healthy vegetable, rich in many nutrients that counteract the cholesterol and triglycerides contained in the blood.

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