Italian vegetable omelette

This Italian vegetable omelette is a simple and tasty meal suitable for those occasions when perhaps not everyone is a great fan of vegetables. The "transformation" of vegetables into an omelette, with the addition of a generous handful of grated cheese, is the perfect culinary trick in this regard, especially for those of you with vegetable-hating children. Vegetarians will, of course, also enjoy this dish. You can make it in the spring when courgettes and artichokes are in season, but also throughout the winter, using frozen vegetables instead. But be careful: frozen products release a lot of water, so they should always be thawed and cooked before putting them in the omelette.


  • eggs 4 units
  • courgettes 2 grams Sliced into thin rounds
  • artichokes 2 units
  • garlic 1 clove
  • parsley A bunch of parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil as much as necessary
  • salt
  • parmesan 30 grams
  • milk Two tablespoons of milk
20 minutes Total time
45 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Sauté the garlic in a little olive oil with the chopped parsley . Add the trimmed, thinly sliced artichokes. Season with salt, cover and cook for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, slice the courgettes into rounds. Then break the eggs into a bowl, beat them, and add the milk, salt and Parmesan cheese. Add the sliced courgettes and the by-now cooked artichokes. Line your preferred baking tray with baking parchment and pour in the mixture. Bake at 180°C for 45 minutes. When baked, wait a few minutes before removing the baking parchment, then remove and cut the omelette into wedges or chunks to serve.

Don't risk removing the baking parchment while the Italian omelette is still hot because you might break it
In Italian, this style of omelette is known as a 'frittata'

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