Pan-fried sole with tempura of Roman artichokes

Spring is a good time to demonstrate creativity in the kitchen, perhaps trying unusual recipes, using new and healthy ingredients and, above all, making something light and tasty. Just like today’s recipe: pan-fried sole made with lots of tempura battered Roman artichokes. This dish, which is particularly simple to make, as well as being nutritious and tasty, is a must for all the family, and is especially good for children because sole is very healthy, rich in vitamin A, B and protein. In artichokes we find an ally in the maintenance of the liver and intestines, namely cynarin, a substance that has a purifying function in relation to these organs. Don’t forget that this recipe is also completely free of fat and is therefore the perfect choice when the heat is really intense!


10 minutes Total time
15 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Prepare the artichokes by removing the stems, the tough outer leaves and tips. Divide them into quarters and soak them in a bowl of lemon water so that they don’t blacken. Make a tempura batter with water and spelt flour in a small bowl: mix the two ingredients so as to make as many lumps as possible. In another bowl mix some more flour and water into a ‘granular’ dough mixture. Then dip the artichokes first into the batter and then in the granular dough, before frying in hot oil. Clean and gut the sole, rinse it well and season with salt on both sides. Grill on a griddle hotplate, or in a very hot frying pan with just a little olive oil. Cook on both sides for 5 minutes. Serve with the tempura artichokes on the side.

To clean the sole, first you'll have to cut from the head down towards the bottom of the fish, after which there will be nothing to do but slide the knife along the bone.
The name ‘sole’ comes from the Latin word ‘solea’ that originally meant sandal.

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