Artichokes salad

In Italy artichokes are the protagonists of many recipes, in particular from Tuscany and from the area of Rome. Today we've decided to combine it with an Apulian specialty, sundried tomatoes.


20 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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Trim and slice the artichokes, then soak them in acidulated water. Apart, make a citronette, whipping up lemon juice, extravirgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut your sundried tomatoes in slices. Mix your artichokes with sundried tomatoes and parmesan flakes. Pour the citronette over your dressing.

When you buy artichokes, don't forget to select the fresher and softer ones!
Artichokes, in Italy, are the protagonists of the cookery of those regions that overlook the Tyrrhenian sea. We mixed them with an ingredient typical of Apulia, so as to obtain a great recipe!

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