Originating from the Asian continent and, in particular, from the tropical climate areas of the latter, basil arrived first in the Egyptian civilization and then, later also in the Roman one, always earning particular attention due to the fact that it was considered a sacred plant. A famous scientist such as Pliny the Elder indicated it as a valid aphrodisiac: we must not forget that basil was also often used as a medicine to treat wounds. In the present, this aromatic plant enriches every dish with its unmistakable scent, being used cold.

Use in cooking

Basil is generally used cold, being added to dishes only at the last moment, to be able to give an extra note of flavor without ruining it.


Basil can be preserved either by freezing or by choosing the solution of drying the leaves.


The name of this plant derives from Greek: originally, in fact, basil was considered a sacred plant, used for many purposes.

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