Lime is a curious and pleasant citrus fruit that represents a cross between lemon and citron, now cultivated mainly in America, whose popularity on a global level is essentially linked to the cocktails in which it is the main ingredient, due of its sour and strong taste. In reality, however, lime is also used to prepare second courses in which the main ingredients are fish and meat, as well as some salads and desserts in which other fruits are also present, such as in fruit salads, as well as being a valid condiment in particularly in the presence of crustaceans.

Use in cooking

There are many preparations in which lime is used, starting from the inevitable summer cocktails, through to fish and meat-based second courses.


To best preserve a lime, you will need to store it in a cool, fairly ventilated place and above all away from sunlight.


Lime, according to the prevailing scientific opinion, derives from the union between lemon and cedar.

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