One of the most appreciated cocktails in the world is probably the mojito, due to the perfect balance between the sweetness of brown sugar and the energy given by rum, with the addition of the extraordinary freshness of mint. In order to trace the origin of this cocktail we have to go back to several centuries ago. According to the tradition, in 1586 the corsairs, under the command of Capitain Drake, attacked La Habana, with the intention of stealing the Aztec treasure owned by the Spanish. The attack was a failure, but once in La Habana the corsaires had the opportunity to know a local spirit - ancestor of the current rum and called "aguardiente". Sir Francis Drake, mixed together aguardiente, brown sugar, lime, water, and "hierbabuena", a local herb which is still used nowadays in the Carebbean area. The mojito was born!


  • lime 1/4 lime
  • mint fresh mint leaves
  • brown sugar one spoon of brown sugar
  • rum 3 cl of brown rum
  • ice a glass of ice cubes
3 minutes Total time
Serves 1 person
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On the bottom of a glass, mix one lime cut into pieces,some mint leaves and some brown sugar. Smash well and add a generous quantity of ice. Now it's the time of adding the dark rum, mix well, shake for one minute and serve with some extra mint leaves and a couple of cans. Simply extraordinary!

In order to make a very special Mojito cocktail, try to combine a light and a dark rum together!
During his stay in Cuba, the american novelist Ernest Hemingway used to visit his favourite Bodeguita to drink his daily Mojito. Set with us you mood for a latin american happy hour!

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