Oysters with Tabasco, lime and spring onion

Seafood is healthy, tasty and nutritious, it can be prepared in many different ways and will delight your guests all year round, especially if you can match it with flavours from the land. So, if you love raw seafood, and especially if you enjoying the contrast between seafood and other ingredients, you will find this to be the perfect example: oysters with tabasco sauce, lime and spring onion. This is a recipe which is not only full of style but also hardly requires any time to make, and is therefore suitable when you are short of time. The most important thing is that you are very careful when you open the oysters ...


  • oysters 1000 grams
  • tabasco Three drops of tabasco per oyster
  • lime A squeeze of lime juice per oyster
  • spring onion 2 slices of spring onion per oyster

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20 minutes Total time
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Open the oysters with an appropriate utensil, being very careful not to injure your hands or elsewhere in your body. Once opened sprinkle the oysters with a little lime juice, and then with three drops of tabasco. Finish by garnishing with two thin slices of spring onion on each oyster.

One classic combination that has made history is oysters with champagne: in fact, this dish can be enjoyed by matching the oysters with of good French pinot noir.
In ancient Greece and Rome oysters were already popular: in the former they were used for political purposes, in the latter a system was devised to farm them.

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