Among the aromatic herbs, mint is the one most used during the summer season to give a particular taste to cold dishes, especially those based on vegetables, although it goes well, if dosed carefully, even with meat, such as lamb. Mint is available in nature in many different varieties, such as aquatica, arvensis, longifolia, piperita, pulegium, rotundifolia and spicata. Furthermore, the importance of mint in the preparation of refreshing and tasty cocktails should not be underestimated.

Use in cooking

Mint is essentially used to prepare drinks, although it can also be used for meat and vegetable dishes, in limited doses.


Mint can be kept fresh in the fridge for a short time in the vegetable drawer if placed in breathable bags. It can also be dried and stored, in the dark and cool, in a jar for a period of about two years.


From a historical point of view, mint was already in use in China during the time of the Shan emperor Nong, around 2700 BC

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