Muscat grape and fig jelly

Especially for children, the most highly anticipated moment in any meal is towards the end, specifically the moment at which the dessert arrives on the table: puddings always occupy a place of honour in any meal, especially if they are homemade and put together with great care and attention. So, in order for you to look really good today we offer a really delicious recipe: a wonderful Muscat wine jelly, prepared with a fresh salad made from figs and grapes, an idea for a dessert which is both sweet and refreshing to the palate. As an alternative to Muscat wine you could use another sweet wine or, alternatively, you might try a good champagne, depending on your taste. Are you ready to seduce your guests with a dessert characterized by its elegance and refinement of colour, fragrance and flavour?


  • grapes A bunch of red grapes
  • grapes A small bunch of white grapes
  • figs 2 green figs and 2 black grapes
  • wine 600 millilitres Muscat
  • mint 2 sprigs of mint
  • lemongrass 2 sprigs of lemongrass
  • sugar 60 grams
  • gelatine 15 grams
270 minutes Total time
5 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Let the gelatin soak in cold water. Warm a little Muscat wine and melt the gelatin in it. Heat the remaining Muscat wine with 50g of sugar making sure the sugar is well dissolved. Incorporate the gelatin mixture and whisk it all together well. Pour the mixture into four small moulds and then put them in the fridge. Separately, prepare a salad with grapes, finely chopped figs, mint and lemongrass. Sprinkle with sugar and drizzle with more wine. Remove the jellies from the refrigerator, turn them out onto four plates and serve with fruit salad.

To make your Muscat wine jelly, you can choose your favourite dessert grape, perhaps opting for those with a ‘strawberry’ flavour, characterized by a pleasantly sour taste.
Muscat wine jelly with grapes and figs is an interesting revisitation of a typically Mantuan dish , namely that of the dessert grapes.

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