Lemon and mint risotto

The combination of ingredients and flavours we suggest today is perfect for those looking for lightness, freshness and health in a main course. Lemon goes perfectly with the mint, and is just right for making particularly fragrant, light, delicate, enjoyable and, above all, healthy meals. You can prepare this risotto in the traditional way, or, if you own a food processor which can make risotto, by all means use that. The result will be not only a beautifully risotto, but also one which is quick and easy to make. Furthermore, as it is made with just a few mint leaves which you probably have on your balcony, and a little lemon zest, it is a very economical - perfect for those last minute meals when you come home from a holiday and there’s not much in the fridge but you’re really hungry. In short, try this risotto and you’ll impress even your most demanding and sophisticated guests.


20 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Here is a recipe that you can prepare slowly in the traditional way or faster using the assistance of a Thermomix food processor. The choice is yours, we will simply give you the elements that you have to do in either case! Chop the onion, mint and lemon zest (yellow part only) very finely. Add a little oil and let it brown for a few minutes. Add the rice and coat in the hot oil mixture. Add a dash of white wine and let it reduce. Then add the juice of half a lemon (don't overdo the lemon or it might overpower other flavours). Then gradually add the water (if you use the Thermomix it'll take 550 ml altogether) and adjust for salt. Continue until cooked and whisk in just some butter. Serve with a few mint leaves for decoration.

To avoid spoiling the freshness of this risotto, we offer two pieces of advice: don’t use olive oil but rather groundnut oil instead, as the intense flavour of olive oil could overpower the delicate aromas of lemon and mint. Secondly, and similarly, stir just a knob of butter into your risotto and avoid Parmesan, which does not go well with lemon and mint.
Mint is a tough perennial plant. Buy a small one and keep it on your balcony. Don’t be concerned if it seems to die in cold weather. It will return in the spring, once again ready to give flavour and character to your cooking!

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