Fried Neapolitan pizzas

These fried Neapolitan pizzas are a very famous delicacy from the Naples region of Italy. If the pizza is native to Naples, these delicious pizzas, or ‘pizzelle’ as they are called there, are even more so. Indeed, they represent a tasty reinterpretation of the traditional pizza. You can prepare them in large quantities for children’s birthday parties, a buffet or party to which you are going to invite a number of guests. With one kilogram of flour you will be able to make a large number; if you are able to use a professional deep-fat fryer, you will save even more time.


  • plain flour 200 grams Pasta flour, from durum wheat
  • strong flour 100 grams
  • water 150 millilitres at room temperature
  • brewer's yeast 7 grams
  • salt 5 grams
  • sugar 5 grams
  • oil 20 grams
  • mozzarella cheese 100 grams
  • passata 50 grams tomato
  • garlic 1 clove
  • oregano To taste
  • salt To taste

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90 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 6 persons
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Prepare all the ingredients. Make the pizza bread dough by combining the flour, salt and water and with the help of a mixer knead the resulting dough well, having dissolved the yeast in warm water first (unless fast-action). Remember to add salt. Put the dough in a warm and sheltered place to rest and rise. When it has doubled its volume, knock it back and roll into a sheet, not too thin. Cut out thirty round disks and let them rest and rise for another half hour or so. Meanwhile prepare a fairly thick tomato sauce (if necessary, boil it lightly), adding garlic, oregano and salt. After the pizzas have rested for a second time, set the electric deep-fat fryer to 170 °C. When the oil is hot, fry the pizzas a few at a time. Pat dry with a paper towel, then place them on baking parchment. Garnish with tomato, a cube of mozzarella and oregano. Cook for 5 minutes under the grill. Serve.

Keep an eye on the oil temperature so as not to burn your pizzas. Also, when you reheat your pizzas under the grill, do so quickly to avoid drying out the mozzarella and the resulting pizzette.
The history of ‘pizzelle’ is intimately bound up with the poorest neighbourhoods of Naples. To supplement their income, the wives of the pizza-makers prepared these little fried pizzas with scraps of dough left by their husbands. Pizzelle were then sold in the most humble neighbourhoods of the city. Often, those who bought the pizzelle could not pay right away, but only after about eight days: for this reason they were also called ‘a ogge to otte’ – ‘in eight days’ time’.

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