Aubergine rolls with red pesto and sun dried tomatoes

A good lunch or dinner in the company of friends should always start with a decent aperitif combined with a tasty starter made from the most delicate, delicious and fresh ingredients available, especially during the summer months. In this recipe we have prepared an appetizer of griddled aubergine, a pleasant and fresh vegetable, which is then filled with a tasty stuffing made from ham and flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes. With these special, tasty rolls you will win over your guests right from the off, especially if you can combine this delicate starter with a good quality wine, thereby creating an irresistible combination.


  • aubergine One aubergine
  • pesto Red, made with sun dried tomatoes
  • cooked ham 100 grams
  • oregano To taste
20 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Cut the aubergine into fairly thin slices. Put them in a colander to drain, lightly salted. After half an hour, dab them with a paper towel, then cook them on a heavy griddle frying pan. When done, fill them with ham, sun-dried tomato red pesto and a sprinkling of oregano. Roll them up and secure with a toothpick. Serve.

To remove the bitterness from the aubergine you can flush it out with milk or salted water.
Did you know that the aubergine has an Asian origin - specifically it is believed to come from China or India.

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