Red peppers

Summer has always been the season of vegetables with bright colors and flavours: if the desire for grilled meat takes over, what about a good red pepper to accompany that riot of aromas and irresistible flavours? This vegetable, imported into Europe from America, is characterized by the content of vitamins of different groups, A, B and C, as well as an important mineral such as magnesium. Red peppers, in particular, are particularly low in calories, low in carbohydrates and fibre: what other vegetable could best enrich the summer diet?

Use in cooking

Pepper can be cooked in many different ways: grilled, fried, in dip or even simply cold, in salads, peperonatas, first and second courses.


The pepper can be stored in breathable packages in the fridge drawer, or in the freezer or, finally, in oil.


The name of this vegetable, pepper, is linked to the fact that due to its slightly spicy taste, it was mistaken for a variety of chili pepper.

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