Sweet pepper bruschetta

Bruschetta are a clever way of satisfying the hunger of a large group of friends at home, with just plenty of bread and thousands of potential toppings, all delicious. After generously spreading the bruschetta with your chosen topping, your guests will and eat one or two and arrive at the main course with their hunger already partially sated. You won’t then have to cook too much in order to complete your lunch party with success! The bruschetta recipe that we set out here is one based on a lovely creamy pepper sauce; this is not a traditional ‘peperonata’ but is delicious nonetheless, with peppers of all colours, a lovely spring onion, capers and sun-dried tomato. It doesn’t end there: we add a good dash of rum and a pinch of sugar which gives a kick to the sauce, not unlike a sweet and sour effect. When everything is ready, you just have to slice the bread and toast it lightly in a frying pan or on a griddle. The sauce is even better on warm bread!


20 minutes Total time
Serves 3 persons
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Cut the onion into long wedges, coarsely chop the capers, and cut the dried tomato into julienne strips. Cut the peppers into large diced segments and sauté in a frying pan over a high heat. Add salt and add a little sugar, and then add water and continue to cook so as to soften the peppers a little. Add the onion, tomato and capers to the pan and mix the vegetables well. Now flambé: add a splash of rum and tip the pan so as to ignite the alcohol. Do worry that everything will burn – after a few seconds the flame will go out. Your lovely pepper sauce is ready to spread on the bruschetta!

If you prefer a rather more sour flavour, you could replace the rum with vinegar, but taking care to heat over a high flame nonetheless.
‘Bruschetta’ is an Italian word with a meaning similar to "toasted". In fact, bruschetta are not properly made if the bread is not crunchy, and should ideally also be hot!

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