tomato puree

The tomato arrived in Europe from America, and from that historical moment, it has become a real pillar of our daily diet, especially in Italy: in the regions of Southern Italy, in particular, the latter has been used to prepare very different dishes and, finally, for the preparation of tomato puree. The latter is a form of preserve, which allows the tomato to be used even during the season in which it is not available, without giving up the freshness, aroma and concentrated health that the tomato brings to every dish.

Use in cooking

Tomato puree is used for the preparation of highly appreciated dishes of Italian cuisine, such as the timeless tomato pasta: in reality, however, puree is also perfect for preparing tasty second courses based on fish and meat, as well as various aperitifs.


Tomato puree is a real form of preserve of this precious vegetable: once placed in well-sealed jars, it can be stored in a cool cellar.


In Southern Italy there is an alternative system for preparing tomato puree, called "with the fever", which involves wrapping the still hot jars in blankets.

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