yellow peppers

The origin of the pepper plant is American and its diffusion in Europe only occurred during the sixteenth century, after the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Although the name may be similar to that of chili peppers, in reality, peppers do not have such a marked spiciness as the former. In particular, then, the yellow variety of peppers differs from the others since it has a higher water content and, above all, since it is softer to the touch, therefore lending itself to preparations in which cooking does not have to be too prolonged.

Use in cooking

The kitchen offers a large number of opportunities for a vegetable like peppers: in fact, they can be eaten in salads, grilled, baked, even becoming ingredients of pasta-based first courses.


It is not necessary to think only about freezing the peppers: they can also be put briefly in the vegetable drawer, or alternatively, even in oil.


Although oranges enjoy the reputation of being rich in vitamin C, in reality, they contain a third of that present in peppers.

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