Apple Pancakes

Apple fritters are among the simplest and fastest homemade desserts to prepare. Preparing them is not difficult at all and in a few minutes you will have a deliciously fragrant dessert. Its intoxicating apple scent will pervade your entire home and - guaranteed - these pancakes will disappear in a second. On the other hand, apple-based desserts, be they pies, pies, tarte tatin or other - are always very popular with everyone. That said, the apple fritters you find presented here come in the form of a rounded slice of evil. But if you don't have time or you simply don't have a saucepan, you can also prepare the apple fritters in pieces: the recipe will be the same, what will change is the presentation.


dosi per 4 persone: 3 Mele Renette, 150 G Farina, 1 Uovo, 1 Albume D'uovo, 200 G Latte, Zucchero, 1/2 Limone (succo), 1 Pizzico Sale, Per Friggere:, Olio D'arachidi

20 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Sift the flour into a bowl, add the yolk (keep the egg white), a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and lots of milk until the mixture is smooth and fluid. When the batter is ready, cover it with cling film and let it rest for about 1 hour. Peel the apples without dividing them, core them with the appropriate tool, cut them into horizontal slices 1/2 cm thick and sprinkle them with sugar after sprinkling them with a little lemon juice. At the time of frying, heat abundant oil (at least 2 fingers) in the black frying pan. Beat the egg whites very firmly and add them gently to the batter with a movement from top to bottom and vice versa. When the oil is hot (170 degrees on the thermostat for those who use the fryer) pass the apple slices in the batter, so as to coat them completely, and put some in the pan 3-4 at a time. Turn them over once and, when they are golden brown, pull them up and place them on a double sheet of kitchen paper. Sprinkle with sugar and serve hot or lukewarm. Apple fritters, as well as a dessert, can also be one of the ingredients of the classic Italian-style mixed fry. In this case the sugar is completely eliminated both in the batter and after frying.

The best oil for frying is olive oil. But if you don't like its opaque smell, go for a peanut oil. Be careful not to let him reach the smoke point!
There are around 7,000 different apple varieties around the world! For this recipe, choose a sweet apple that is suitable for cooking. The Golden will do just fine!

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