Venice-Mumbai-Shanghai rice

A rice patty ‘Venice-Mumbai-Shanghai’ style. Here is the missing idea for making a really superlative dinner party! A dish which is exotic and Mediterranean at the same time, influenced by the East and travel, but also by things from closer to home. You’ll find out that it’s not hard to make. If you don’t have a serving ring - the steel cylinder used by chefs for presenting food on a plate – don’t worry: you can make yourself one using a simple strip of cardboard fixed with adhesive tape. The rice patty ‘Venice-Mumbai-Shanghai’ strikes one first by its shape and colour, and then because of its overwhelming flavour! You will be reminded of the last time you were in the famous lagoon city - Venice - but will also be inspired to dream of distant and exotic places, where perhaps some of you have already had the good fortune to travel. But let’s stay at home for a typically Mediterranean tomato sauce - because a little bit of ‘red’ on the plate is always welcome and puts us in a good mood – to which we have tried to combine two types of rice from completely different parts of the world: India and China. The result? You simply must try it!


  • black rice 4 handfuls
  • basmati rice 4 handfuls
  • king prawns 150 grams Tails
  • tomatoes 200 grams Cherry tomatoes
  • basil A few leaves of basil
  • tabasco A dash of tabasco
  • rum A dash of rum
  • salt Salt to taste
  • sugar Sugar to taste
40 minutes Total time
45 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Prepare two types of rice in two different pans. The cooking technique is identical to that of rice for sushi, steaming, only that in addition you add the salt directly to the cooking water. Cook basmati on a minimum flame with the lid closed for 15 minutes, and leave for 10 minutes off the heat. Let the black rice, on the other hand, cook covered for 30 minutes, and for a further 15 minutes with the heat off. While the rice is cooking, we clean the prawns and cook for 2 minutes in abundant oil and concluding with a dash of rum, flambé. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and let them fry in a pan with hot oil for 4 minutes with the basil, salt and sugar. When cooked, add the Tabasco. When everything is ready, compose the dish with the help of a mould by making a first layer of black rice, a second of basmati, and a final layer of black. Place the rice pile off-centre on a plate. Garnish our Venice-Mumbai-Shanghai rice with some prawns and a little tomato sauce.

Did you know that the basmati rice has a much lower glycaemic index than normal white rice? It is therefore perfect if you are following a light diet.
The king prawn has a shelf life that is on average longer than that of normal prawns: so if you have bought too many you can keep those you don’t need to make other dishes.

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