Flatbread with mushrooms, brie and radicchio

How often, rather than spending time in the kitchen making something elaborate, do we feel like preparing a quick meal which is still tasty … but just can’t think what? The only thing that comes to mind is the ham sandwich! Today we wanted to revisit the humble flatbread, the Italian version of which originates in the region of Romagna and is a cousin of the Mexican tortilla; it’s delicious with ham and cheese, but also with a host of different ingredients. Did you know that flatbread, known as ‘piadina’ in Italian, is a truly ancient food, and that the possibilities for filling it are almost endless? We really enjoyed the version we’re going to show you, which is fairly rustic, made from delicious brie and crispy radicchio. So you simply put together mushrooms, brie and radicchio, and serve it a sauce to your choice, such as a light mayonnaise or mustard. This dish, so simple and fast, is also just right for your vegetarian friends who will appreciate it in all its crunchy healthiness.


10 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Heat one side of the flatbread. Cut the brie into slices and arrange them in the middle of the flatbread, on the heated side. Add the raw radicchio leaves over the top of the brie. Add the mushrooms, fold over the flatbread to make a half moon shape and then toast nicely on both sides of the half-moon. Serve the flatbread warm with a little mayonnaise and mustard on the side.

Take care with the cooking of your piadina: if you intend to simply fold it in four you can heat it a little more; if you prefer to roll it, it's a good idea to cook it a little less because otherwise you risk breaking it. Be careful, however, not to undercook it or else the cheese won’t melt.
It seems that the ancient term ‘piada’ derives from the Greek. An ancient name for a very old food, whose origin seems to date back to the ancient Romans. It was probably the Romans who exported this method of bread making to the entire eastern empire. This would explain why in many languages one still finds words very similar to the Italian ‘piadina’, for example ‘pita’ in Greek, and ‘pide’ in Turkish.

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