Papas Arrugadas

The Iberian cuisine is one of the most delicious in Europe, offering a reinterpretation of traditional Mediterranean cooking with innumerable inviting flavours and aromas. Today we are in Spain, although in reality we have gone to an autonomous community for this recipe for papas arrugadas - the Canary Islands. It is here that these ‘shrivelled’ potatoes are prepared with great skill, combining the sweet taste of the potatoes with the salt in which they are cooked. Actually, the dish is not only available in this wonderful archipelago, but can also be found in other parts of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in larger cities. But what is common to all the recipes for papas arrugadas, wherever you go, is their appearance - they look like small pebbles. Are you ready to discover an Iberian delicacy?


60 minutes Total time
Serves 3 persons
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Wash the potatoes in water. In a large saucepan bring lots of water to the boil, to which you have added ½ kg of salt. Cook the potatoes in this water until they are al dente. Transfer the potatoes to a second saucepan and cover with the remaining ½ kg of salt and cook until they start to get all wrinkled! Remove from the salt and eat your papas arrugadas hot with the garlic sauce!

To make a lovely plate of papas arrugadas in true Canarian style you'll have to buy some potatoes of the variety "papa bonita".
Papas arrugadas are often considered an appetizer: in practice, however, they are used as a side dish for meat and fish, and are also served as a main dish.

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