Prawn cocktail

Here is a classic starter with an absolutely superlative appearance, perfect for any important occasion or party but also for a Christmas meal, perhaps as part of one traditionally involving fish. Easy to make, ready in just a few minutes, it involves just a few ingredients: prawns, a few leaves of lettuce and a cocktail sauce (the recipe for cocktail sauce can be found elsewhere in our site). The flavour of the cocktail sauce, delicate and enveloping, is combined with the sweetness of the prawns. This starter is great for a lunch or dinner party, but also as part of a savoury buffet, and will be enjoyed by everyone, including children! In addition, a prawn cocktail lends itself to various decorative modes of presentation, either in single-serving cups or trays. Try making this classic appetizer with us following the photo gallery. It’s easier than it looks! One piece of advice: look out for the basic recipe for cocktail sauce elsewhere in our website!


20 minutes Total time
3 minutes Active time
Serves 2 persons
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Prepare the cocktail sauce following our basic recipe. Shell the prawns keeping just the part attached to the tail; blanch in boiling water for a maximum of one or two minutes. Place the sliced up lettuce leaves at the bottom of a glass serving bowl. Place two tablespoons of the cocktail sauce in the centre of the lettuce. Arrange around the rim of the bowl some cooled prawns.

Always buy fresh prawns for your cocktail. A good, fresh prawn will be shiny, unblemished, firm, and have a delicate and non-pungent aroma. If you are not sure of their freshness, use frozen ones. Another tip: before you eat your prawn cocktail let it rest for at least half an hour in the fridge, and if you don’t have time to make the cocktail sauce you can buy some ready-made at the supermarket. Finally, remember that the cocktail sauce must be creamy and thick, not runny.
Prawns are low in fat and are suitable for diets if you remember not to complement them with overly rich dressings. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamin B and iodine, are easily digested and don’t contain gluten, so they are also suitable for those suffering from coeliac disease.

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