Roast chestnuts

Autumn is that magical moment of the year when nature turns golden and russet and new scents pervade the air, lifting your spirits and giving you unique emotions. There's nothing like sitting around a table with friends enjoying some of the most genuine temptations of this colourful period. Chestnuts are exactly the distinctive product of Autumn, reminding us of the open air markets that you can find wherever in small towns or in some picturesque neighbourhood of our cities. It's quite easy, from late September, when the air begins to get crisp, to December, when gloves and scarves peek out from our wardrobe, to meet a roasted chestnuts peddler while moving from one square to another of our city. With this recipe we give you the extraordinary opportunity of recollecting those nice moments.


  • chestnuts 1000 grams -
25 minutes Total time
15 minutes Active time
Serves 5 persons
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First of all, make a cross shaped incision on the flat underside of each chestnut: use a sharp knife. Put your chestnuts in a holed pan and cook them on the stove, raising the flame. In order to have a better result, you could roast your chestnut in the fireplace, provided you have one! Saute the chestnuts adding a few drops of water. Once your chestnuts are cooked, sheet them into a wet table cloth for 5 minutes.

In order to make your chestnuts more crunchy and fragrant, after cooking them, leave them some minutes into a table cloth.
Wherever you can find a chestnut tree, you will find the tradition of roasted chestnuts! So, this recipe is quite common in the whole Europe and in the whole Mediterranean area!

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