Roquefort quiche

Our Mediterranean culinary adventure continues in another European country whose cuisine is famous worldwide, thanks to some outstanding dishes in terms of taste, colour and aroma: we are, of course, in France searching amongst its hearty regional specialties. For this recipe we have chosen something from a particularly well-known region - namely, Provence. Rich in world famous cheeses, our quiche hails from this corner of France, a savoury tart with a base of Roquefort, a perfect recipe for so many occasions, whether as a starter or main dish. Take care to use high quality cheese and, most importantly, our advice is to pay particular attention to the preparation of the shortcrust pastry, essential for a top quality result.


15 minutes Total time
40 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Roll out the pastry in a round baking tin or quiche dish of your preferred size. Beat the eggs with the cream, a pinch of salt, pepper and Roquefort cheese paste. Cut the Roquefort cheese into cubes and arrange them on the pastry along with the pieces of lard. Pour the egg and cream mixture over the cheese and pancetta cubes and bake at 200 °C for 40 minutes. Serve warm.

For this quiche recipe you might use pieces of lard, but you could equally well use pancetta.
Roquefort quiche, as the name suggests, is a recipe of French origin, from Provence.

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