Soft baked bread rolls

These soft bread rolls are fabulously mouth-watering, and once you learn to make them they will become a must in your home! Their peculiarity is twofold: first, unlike so many other bread rolls, are not simply made with flour, salt, water and yeast, but also contain eggs which make them even more tasty, fragrant and give them a wonderful golden colour. In addition, a feature of these rolls is that they occupy the perfect middle ground between sweet and savoury. The addition of salt, eggs and sugar makes them ideal for filling with meats or cheeses as much as with jam, Nutella or any of the other goodies that children love so much. How could you resist one of these buttered and filled rolls? It’s impossible. Get to work immediately then, and bear in mind that you need to allow for the time they take to rise before you can enjoy them!


  • "00" flour 500 grams
  • milk 250 millilitres
  • chemical yeast 1 sachet
  • butter 60 grams
  • egg 2 units
  • salt 10 grams
  • sugar 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • oil 1 tablespoon of olive oil
120 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Dissolve the sugar in the warm milk, along with the baking powder and then add the butter. Transfer to a bowl and add the flour, eggs and lastly the salt. Knead the dough well by hand and then leave it to rest and rise for an hour. Roll out the dough in a layer about 3 cm thick, and carve out circles with the rim of a glass (or make little loaves in a similar way). Leave to rise for another 30 minutes. Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C.

If you want to, you can also use starter yeast in dough rather than baking powder. The outcome will be the same. Bear in mind that for half a kilo of flour you will need 12g of traditional yeast.
Did you know that salt inhibits the action of baking powder? So don’t dissolve salt and baking powder together in the same water, or the rise won’t work properly!

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