How best to start a lovely gathering with friends sharing dinner on a summer’s evening, if not with an invigorating and refreshing drink, perfect for stimulating the appetite and for bringing a smile to everyone’s lips. Such are life’s truly pleasant moments, in the company of our friends. So as to make the most of those special occasions, let’s make a an irresistible aperitif, originally from the Veneto but which has now conquered the coolest lounge bars in the world. We are talking about ‘Spritz’, a mixture of Aperol and Prosecco - even better with an olive. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening of socialising with the freshest of appetizers: thanks to our foolproof recipe, you will be complimented by your guests for your incredible talent as a barman!


  • Aperol Italian bitter aperitif 30 millilitres
  • prosecco 40 millilitres
  • ice 8 cubes of ice
  • green olives 1 large green olive
1 minutes Total time
Serves 1 person
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In a big glass put 8 ice cubes, and pour over 30 ml of Aperol and 4 ml of Prosecco. Skewer a big green olive on a toothpick and put it in the glass, mixing gently. Serve

If you are not very fond of Prosecco and would like to use another wine for your Spritz, choose a dry white.
Did you know that the famous Spritz cocktail - now famous all over the world - was born in none other than the Veneto?

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