Mastering the secrets of gastronomy means being able to interpret the recipes of other gastronomic traditions, enriching them with a touch of creativity that gives an imprint to the original dish, making it pleasant even to the most demanding and refined of palates. This recipe is for ‘tapenade’, a delicious sauce of black olives combined with anchovies and capers, a true masterpiece of culinary Provencal. No matter what your plans are for a dinner with friends, make some tapenade as a topping for bruschetta, or even to give a dash of something special to your meat or fish dishes. Follow our special recipe and add a touch of exoticism to your table!


10 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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This topping for crostini is easy to prepare. Stone some black olives and chop together with the garlic, anchovies and olive oil. When you have a smooth paste, the tapenade is ready. Serve on hot toast!

You can refrigerate your tapenade simply by placing it in a container with some olive oil.
When making tapenade, depending on your preference, you can use either black or green olives.

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