black olives

The olive is a very important resource for the Mediterranean region, considering how the latter is used for the preparation of a large number of different dishes and specialties, including the inevitable olive oil, focaccias of all types, first courses and second courses of various kinds, all characterized by that pleasant taste. But in particular, it is the variety of black olives that gives the most balanced and delicate taste, due to the fact that maturation is complete: the green ones, in comparison, are harvested about six months before the dark ones, with the result that they are full of water and rich in mineral salts.

Use in cooking

Black olives are chosen to prepare delicious and refreshing aperitifs, as they also find ample space in the preparation of first courses, particularly with pasta, although black olives also lend themselves well to becoming the condiment of lots of second courses.


Black olives can be stored inside a plastic container, where, for one kilo of olives, add 120 grams of salt and, therefore, water to cover everything, leaving them to macerate for a year.


Even if it may seem sick, an olive tree that is over 800 years old has a trunk separated into various parts at the base, since the inside of it rots.

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