One of the pork-based preparations that manages to conquer everyone is certainly bacon: the latter can be found on the market in various preparations, starting from rolled, spliced or stretched, and depending on the choice made by whoever produced it can also be enriched by the presence of rind. Also depending on the various production areas, in addition to the inevitable salt, a series of spices of various types may be present to give them a touch of originality and extra flavour. Bacon is also found smoked or sweet, often already packaged in cubes, to allow quick use in many recipes.

Use in cooking

As a cured meat, bacon can be eaten accompanied with bread, although it is also suitable for garnishing pizzas, or even first and second courses in which forest products or meat are present.


Bacon can be safely stored under the stairs if well seasoned, and especially if the environment where it is kept is not excessively humid.


Pancetta was already used in Roman times, as evidenced by the work De re coquinaria by Apicius.

Recipe list