Club Sandwich my way

The club sandwich is traditionally of American origin but is different from other types because it is not composed of two slices of bread but three. The original recipe calls for the three layers to be toasted and filled with turkey, bacon, tomato and mayonnaise. As for the sauces, as just mentioned, the original recipe calls for the use of mayonnaise. That said, it is good to know that around the world there are many different versions of the club sandwich. In the first place, not everyone toasts the bread. But very often you'll find a club sandwich more or less in a version like the one we suggest today. And yet, even with regard to fillings you often find variants: you might get ham, grilled vegetables, salmon, chicken or many other ingredients. So this recipe is a basis for a really tasty club sandwich, to which you can apply your imagination and use as many ingredients as you please.


  • sandwich loaf 50 grams
  • pancetta 30 grams Smoked
  • salmon 30 grams Smoked
  • provola cheese 30 grams Smoked
  • raspberry 100 grams
  • mayonnaise 50 millilitres Mustard flavoured
  • oil
  • courgettes 20 grams
  • salt
10 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Cut the white sandwich bread so that you have 4 slices although you will use only three. Spread them with mustard mayonnaise. Place a layer of bacon, salmon, provolone cheese and raw courgette. Salt lightly, place the second slice of bread on the first, then add some raspberries between the second and the third slice, finish with the third slice and put the club in the oven. Make a raspberry sauce to accompany it by blending raspberries with mayonnaise, mustard and a little oil.

If you want to turn your club sandwich into a meal, you can serve it with some American-style coleslaw or potato salad, or even with French fries.
The club sandwich is rather like its cousin the BTL (bacon - tomato - lettuce) and our national Italian sandwich. Its origins seem to be reasonably historic: it appears that it was invented in a gambling club in New York at the end of the 19th century. At the time it was called a ‘clubhouse sandwich’ and is now called simply a "club sandwich’.

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