Brown sugar

The need to sweeten certain preparations in our cuisine, starting from desserts of all kinds, then moving on to the inevitable hot tea or coffee to which a little sugar is added, often pushes us to reflect on the latter. In recent years, the finger has often been pointed at white sugar, considering it unhealthy, and instead promoting the consumption of cane sugar: but is the latter really healthier? If it were not exclusively integral, the answer is negative. Real whole cane sugar comes in irregular granules, both in shape and color (very dark).

Use in cooking

Even if we often don't realize it, sugar is present in a large number of preparations, especially if of industrial origin. Cane sugar can be used to prepare desserts and sweeten drinks.


To best preserve the sugar without lumps, also place a marshmallow in a glass jar.


Brown sugar, if not completely whole, does not differ much from common white granulated sugar.

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