The origin of biscuits must be sought very far back in time, considering how the very origin of the name can be attributed to Latin, and more precisely to the expression panis biscotus, the meaning of which is clear: bread that has been baked twice. Although today most of the biscuits found on the market are made with a lot of sugar, originally they were mostly prepared with the healthier and more nutritious honey. Biscuits are usually prepared from ingredients such as eggs and flour, to which butter, cocoa, or many others are also added.

Use in cooking

Biscuits are used both as a snack to be eaten without anything else, for example as a snack or for breakfast, as they can also be consumed to accompany a coffee or, finally, to make certain preparations of more complex desserts and cakes. .


The biscuits can be stored in a cool, dry place away from light for a long time: it is very important, however, that the packaging remains well sealed.


Since ancient times, there has been a tradition of preparing biscuits with honey, which was cooked twice to allow for longer preservation.

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