Jam cheesecake

The cheesecake is an American dessert but now known throughout the world: even in Italian cuisine it now plays its part. Today we'll show you how to make a perfect, soft, light cheesecake. This recipe comes from many different sources, trying different ways of making it as suggested by many different people: it may appear difficult, but we assure you that it isn’t. Cheesecake is a dessert that is suitable for many occasions and for many different situations: as a dessert to end a delicious dinner or lunch with guests; at breakfast, to start the day with a bit more flavour; as a snack, with a cup of coffee or tea. And cheesecake can be filled and flavoured in many ways: you can make it with jam, with yogurt, with chocolate etc. ... Our version combines a creamy filling, made with freshly whipped cream, with jam. Select your favourite flavour and then make this magnificent dessert. Thanks to our step-by-step recipe with photos, it will be a doddle.


  • biscuits 200 grams
  • butter 100 grams
  • liqueur 2 tablespoons of liqueur (or milk if you prefer)


  • milk 250 millilitres
  • sugar 100 grams
  • cornflour 30 grams
  • eggs 2 units
  • whipping cream 200 millilitres
  • gelatine 16 grams


  • jam

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20 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Prepare the base by finely chopping the biscuits in a food processor, then add the melted butter and mix until it is all well blended. Spread over the bottom of an 18cm springform cake tin and place in the fridge for 1 hour. Meanwhile, prepare the pastry cream: bring some milk to the boil; in a separate bowl whisk the eggs with the sugar, add the cornflour and pour in the hot milk. Put it back on the heat to boil and the mixture will thicken immediately. To this mixture add the gelatine which has been previously soaked in cold water for 10 minutes. Stir and let it cool. As soon as the mixture has cooled add the fresh cream (whipped), mix and pour it over the biscuit base. Finally, let it cool further for 2 hours in the refrigerator. Garnish with the fruit jam.

Cheesecake can be preserved for about 2-3 days at room temperature, in a classic cake tin or glass bell. It is also an ideal dessert to make in summer as it is cool and refreshing. For cheesecakes with jam, you can use any flavour of jam you like.
Cheesecake is literally made from cream and cream cheeses: for example, mascarpone, Philadelphia or ricotta. It’s a dessert originally from the United States but which has spread slowly to all the world’s cuisines. Cheesecake can be prepared in two ways: by baking in the oven or by leaving it in the fridge to rest and set.

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