It doesn't matter what your favorite dishes are: for sure, you will have already tasted hazelnuts in some way, in the form of a spreadable cream for breakfast - as happens for example with Nutella - as indeed, through cakes, biscuits, aperitifs or even first dishes. Hazelnuts are very healthy fruits, rich in fiber and minerals, as well as vitamin B6, which generally ripen in the period between mid-August and mid-September, even if they are available all year round . If you are lucky enough to be able to harvest them in the garden, you can easily store them for a year in the fridge: you will find them in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed.

Use in cooking

There are many uses of hazelnuts within the Italian gastronomic tradition: they can be eaten simply as a fruit, or, to prepare salads, desserts and also, as a garnish, for fish-based first courses, where they are mainly used chopped .


Hazelnuts should be stored in a dry, dark place and, alternatively, they can be toasted or frozen for a period of several months.


According to the rural tradition of the past, a hazelnut rich in fruit was an omen of great fertility in the home.

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