For the preparation of certain meat and fish dishes and, last but not least, also for certain vegetables, using a sauté based on onion is not a wise choice due to the taste being too strong, which covers most of the aromas and flavours: in those cases , therefore, the best solution is to opt for shallots, which shares a lot with this plant. The shallot is native to the Middle East, in particular it seems to be typical of the Palestinian territory, although it is now cultivated practically all over the world: the main varieties of the latter are the gray one, Jersey, Romagna and chicken leg, each of which it is more or less spicy.

Use in cooking

The shallot finds a particular place in preparing sautés, generally for cooking fish and meat dishes and, secondly, also for vegetable dishes.


To avoid ruining the shallot, it is necessary to store it in an environment that is cool, dry and above all protected from light.


The origins of the shallot are to be found in the Middle East, and its diffusion in Europe is essentially due to the Greek civilization and, therefore, to the Romans.

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