Thyme is an important aromatic herb that is part of the national gastronomic tradition, as well as that of other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea: its main characteristic is that good scent and, secondly, its virtue in making those meat-based dishes whose digestion is truly long and demanding, as in the case of game, are also lighter and more pleasant. Thyme, however, is also used to prepare meat, vegetable and fish dishes, as well as special scented oils and various types of sauces.

Use in cooking

Thyme can be used to prepare special herbal teas, as it is generally used to season meat and fish dishes, as well as in some cases also vegetables.


Thyme can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for a few days or, alternatively, it can be dried and placed in jars stored in a cool, dark place.


According to some medieval traditions, the custom of placing thyme under the pillow would promote sleep and also ward off nightmares.

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