Shepherd’s canapés

While waiting for lunch to be ready, if you have some friends round or are having a birthday party in the garden, it’s a nice idea to make some canapés to nibble on while having a chat and a cool drink. In these situations finger food appetizers are just the ticket - to be eaten, as their name suggests, with your fingers! You could make small fried tempura-style vegetables, stuffed olives, fried mozzarella, or even small pizzas. To make some delicious canapés all you have to do is get hold of plenty of French baguettes and off you go with your imagination: the possibilities are endless. You can make smoked salmon on buttered bread, a timeless classic; do something more rustic and tasty, perhaps with tuna and egg; or throw together some Mediterranean flavours, such as tomatoes and olives. Or try these interesting ‘shepherd’s’ canapés, with goat cheese, a little cream, fresh rocket and herbs. Remember, during your pre-lunch nibbles, to offer a wide choice of drinks, giving your guests the choice of alcoholic or soft drinks, fizzy or still, etc.


10 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Chop the parsley, rocket and thyme and mix with the goat’s cheese. Loosen it with a dash of cream and serve on a toasted baguette.

When you make drinks or appetizers to eat or drink standing up, don’t make the food too difficult to handle. Remember that your guests are already holding a glass, so be sure to offer appetizers which are easy to hold with one hand. No overloaded sandwiches which spill their contents onto your guests’ jackets or dresses, causing embarrassment all round.
Because these finger food canapés are often eaten standing up, they also have a strong social value because they stimulate your guests to socialise. They will be free to move from one part of your buffet party to another, chatting with the other guests, something which is difficult to do once the seats have been assigned.

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